target-turquoise-beaded-necklace, kate-spade-garden-bed-gem-necklace, white-house-black-market-grey-circle-bib-necklace, express-gold-cascading-chain-necklace, baublebar-cape-rope-collar-necklace, how-to-wear-statement-necklaces-to-the-office
Hi there, everyone! I’m Christie from The Closet by Christie blog and I’m so excited to be guest posting here at Lucky Seven Ten! Over at The Closet by Christie, I write about style for the office.  In celebration of Leslie’s new career section on Lucky Seven Ten, I’m here to tell you all about statement necklaces and how you can wear them to the office!
Here’s ‘5 Eye-Catching Statement Necklaces for Work & Play!’

target-turquoise-beaded-necklace, kate-spade-garden-bed-gem-necklace, white-house-black-market-grey-circle-bib-necklace, express-gold-cascading-chain-necklace, baublebar-cape-rope-collar-necklace, how-to-wear-statement-necklaces-to-the-office
Isn’t this necklace fabulous? I seriously fell in love with this necklace the moment I laid eyes on it! So, how can we wear this to the office? Keep it simple! The necklace goes beyond making a statement, so pair this with a basic neutral colored tee.
Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands because it’s so quirky and fun. This necklace is vibrant and full of color! Although it’s multi-colored, the big stones are white. This makes it more versatile! You can wear this piece with just about anything. It would look great with a blush oxford top!
WHBM has some of the most beautiful jewelry! This is one of my favorite boutiques, especially because of the jewelry and shoes; both beauty and quality. This necklace, although a statement style, can be worn with anything to the office. The muted tones and neutral colors makes it very versatile!
It’s interesting how something so simple can really make a statement! You don’t need bright colors to call it a statement necklace. For this piece, the amount of strands and the varying lengths is what gives it that dramatic appeal! This necklace would look great with a solid colored dress.
I love this necklace! This is perfect summer statement necklace for the office. The rope detailing gives it a nautical look, so this would look great with a navy or red dress (or even stripes!). Rope seems like a casual style but the gold detailing makes it so chic!

Thanks for welcoming me into your space today! I’ll be checking back here to this post, so feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or if you want to share a few of your own style tips. How do you wear everyday trends to the office?


More from  Christie: The Closet by Christie is your 9 to 5 style guide; it’s all about the office! You can find anything from how-to style guides to what’s trending, and even office to happy hour transition looks! With all the time spent at work during the week, I find that my wardrobe consists mostly of office-wear. I love to find creative ways to maximize my clothing possibilities by incorporating my work-wear into my weekend-wear and vice-versa! For example, a few weeks ago I wrote a style guide on how to wear kimonos to the office (see previous post: How-To Style A Floral Kimono For The Office). It’s so important to do this because who has the resources to buy two completely different wardrobes?



  • Theresa

    I really like the gold one, #4. It looks simple enough to go with a tank top or blouse, but it could also look great dressed up with evening wear. Thanks for sharing some great style picks.

  • I often find myself browsing through stores and looking at statement necklaces, but I can never seem to buy one and even if I do, I never seem to wear it! I don’t know what it is – I feel like they don’t suit me, and add that to the fact they feel a little heavy on my chest. I’m flockin’ towards that huge green one in a knot – how pretty would that be with a white vneck tee?

  • Jennifer Juro

    I have been looking for new necklaces to wear! These are great choices of necklaces. I think number four would be my personal favorite; I have been trying to get outside of my
    comfort zone of what I normally wear for jewelry.

  • Danielle Knapp

    These are all so pretty! I love wearing statement necklaces as I can get away with a more simple top underneath the necklace. The first one is definitely my favorite as it can be for day or nighttime.

  • Michelle Hwee

    I love statement necklaces! They can really transform an outfit or even your wardrobe! I also love how big than can be and sparkley! These look really great and love that they are for ‘work and play’. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are beautiful necklaces. My favorite is the first one in teal. At first glance, it looks like a scarf. Plus, it is one of my favorite colors.

  • What a gorgeous collections of necklaces! I must admit, #1 caught my eye right away, but number 4 is very classy! I can see myself wearing both as I really do enjoy obtaining jewelry this unique!


    i’ll take one of everything! hehe. No seriously, send ’em over! ;)

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    I’m a fan of statement necklaces because I can wear basic pieces and don’t have to think of too much artsy prints for my outfit. These five are really beautiful! The Kate Spade Garden Bed Gem looked most elegant and I want to get one for myself as well! :)

  • Stephanie Pass

    These are such pretty necklaces that look like they really make a statement. My teenager is going to Washington D.C. this summer and needs a ton of business clothes for her trip. We’ve been trying to accessorize her outfits with necklaces. These have given me some great ideas for her. Thanks so much!

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