Halloween is the one day that you could be anything you want, from a scary mean witch to a cute little kitty to your favorite heroine. While searching for a Halloween costume I discovered  the heroines and characters fashion-forward celebrities look back at for their on-stage outfit inspiration.  I then picked out Halloween Costumes from my sponsor 3wishes.com, where you can find some of the sexiest Halloween outfits.
1. Katy Perry – Wonder Woman
Does Katy Perry’s all-American-flag-bearing getups and black hair remind you of someone? A super hero maybe? Yep, that’s because Wonder Woman wore it first.  She rocked similar outfits bearing the American flag and had signature black hair.

wonder woman - katy perry - halloween costume - celebrity inspired - 3wishes.com

Do you see the resemblance? You can be an all American heroine too with the costume on the right, get it here.
2. Beyoncé – Playboy Bunny
I’m pretty sure other celebrities owe the leotard trend to Beyoncé, whom ever since her famous single ladies video has worn the trend a million and one different ways.  But way before Beyoncé, the playboy bunnies were walking around in their leotards all over the place. While Beyoncé’s personality is way too bold to be anyone’s little bunny, she’s now the owner of what used to be the bunny’s trademark look.

Beyonce - playboy bunny - leotard - bunny ears

Doubting the connection?  Beyoncé has been caught wearing bunny ears on multiple occasions but not with her leotard because that would be straight up infringement.
luckyseventen.com for 3 wishes.com
You can bring back the playboy bunny look too with this sexy retro take of the playboy bunny outfit (pictured above to the right) or this more classic one.
3. Jennifer Lopez – Cat Woman
I’ve been seeing a lot of jumpsuits lately,  this trend that started in the 60’s has not been this popular since it fizzled  in the 80’s.   JLO wore a very 70’s version while starring in the movie Selena, but it was her “On the Floor” spiderweb silver jumpsuit custom created by Zuhair Murad that has inspired more modern and street-wear friendly versions of it on the clothing racks of stores everywhere. But leather or not  we all know the all-time crowned queen of the bodysuit is Cat Woman.  She’s been wearing it since the 40’s! Talk about a lady with style.
You can release your inner Femme Fatale on Halloween with this sexy wet leather look body suit Cat Woman costume.
4. Lady Gaga / Spider-Woman
Lady Gaga’s costumes (ahem, outfits?) have sent her fans on a frenzy and spider woman was no stranger to freakish and bold outfits, she wore a bright red and yellow body suit (or was that body paint?) but her most distinctive look which she also has in common with Lady Gaga is her eyes mask.  Lady Gaga has a crazy collection of sunglasses and her best selling album “Fame” bares just her face with those crazy studded sunglasses that had everybody wondering how could she see through those.
lady gaga - spider women - studded glasses
You can let your inner stylish freak this Halloween with this bold and daring Spider-Woman costume.
There’s definitely a resemblances with Gaga and Spider-Woman but I couldn’t stop there.  If there is one character that Lady Gaga reminds us of is the crazy lady Harley Quinn.  They have more than just the joker in common, just look at their outfits.
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 Get this stylish checkered Harley Quinn outfit here.
5. Dita Von Reese/ Mariah Carey and Jessica Rabbit
What do these ladies have a common?  Apparently everything.  they are divas, entertainers and they sing. Ironically Dita and Mariah don’t seem to have much in common in plain sight but they undoubtedly take their pinup look wardrobe inspiration from cabaret queen Jessica Rabbit. .
mariah carey, dita von teese, jessica rabbit
 Let your inner diva come out this Halloween with this sequin scarlet red dress and thigh revealing split.
6. Rihanna / Ariel
Rihanna made clown-red hair popular but Ariel has been rocking her bright red hair and inspiring little girls long before.  In this vogue cover the resemblance to Ariel is pretty clear.
 rihanna, ariel, halloween costume
Bring out your inner mermaid with this super cute costume, add a red wig to complete the look.
7. Nikki Minaj / Poison Ivy
While Nikki’s one and only character inspiration is unclear, because one day she’s a Barbie doll, the next one she’s into S &M, a character that truly suits her is Poison Ivy.  Nikki was as not as subtle as the other celebrities about her inspiration when she wore the outfit below, as she brought out the entire forest to her performance. But does she care about the environment too?
nikki minaj, poison ivy
 Environmentalists everywhere can release their inner heroines in this 5-piece outfit and of course remind those that come close that this super-villain dedicated her entire life to eco-terrorism.  Sounds like a noble cause after all.
I hope you also found your inspiration for your outfit this Halloween.  Please visit my sponsor 3wishes.com and shop more amazing costumes.
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