On my last post I showed you amazing super heroes Halloween costumes that even celebrities are inspired by, and once again together with 3wishes.com I bring you the newest and most head turning costumes for this year.  Here are my favorites:
1. Mortal Kombat Mileena and Kitana 
Dressing as any of these two kick-ass ladies will have you ready combat, in case there’s any.
mortal kombat
images via 3wishes.com

mortal kombat kitana









2. Star Wars Female StormTrooper
They will have no idea what hit them when they find out what is hiding under this suit. Talk about unexpected.

storm trooper










3. Special Ops SWAT
Agile, armed and ready to take down any threat. Nobody will dare refuse any of your orders.












4. Malificient
Will they be scared? or will they fall into your spell? Either way, this costume will make you one sexy evil temptress.











5. Harley Quinn
Joker or not, this outfit will have you ready for a night of mischief.

harley quinn












6. Sexy Alien
Hello earthlings!  this is what we look like in Mars.

sexy alien









7. Minnie Mouse 
And all the Mickeys’ mouths will drop.

minnie mouse










Hope you enjoyed my picks for the most sexy Halloween outfits.  Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments and be sure to check out www.3wishes.com for an immense list of high quality costumes for every style.



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