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5 Incredibly Cheap Office Friendly Tops that Look Expensive

I found these beautiful office friendly tops for under $15 they look shockingly identical to blouses that cost more than $150.  Take a look and let me know what you think:

1.  Emerald-green Ruffle Silk/Chiffon Top 

SheIn Vs Ninna Ricci

Left: SheIn Green Puff Sleeve Split Chiffon Blouse   Right: NINA RICCI Vertical ruffle silk blouse

2.  Brushstroke Short Sleeve Boxy Blouse

Shein vs Lafayette 148 New York

Left: SheIn Black Short Sleeve Dip Hem Loose Blouse Right: Lafayette 148 New York ‘Lula’ Brushstroke Split Neck Blouse

3. Embellished Chiffon/ Silk Blouse with beading around the neck shein vs Haute Hippie

Left: White Round Neck Branch Print Blouse Right: Haute Hippie Embellished Silk Blouse

4.  White Blouse with Floral Branch Print 

Floral Print  - Branch Print blouse

Left: SheIN White Round Neck Branch Print Blouse Right: Essentiel Top – Hurry Up Print
Cutout sholder top

Left: SheIn White Short Sleeve Cut Out Chiffon Blouse Right: Cooper & Ella Lily Cutout-Shoulder Sheer-Yoke Top

Keep in mind the fabric nor the quality will be the same of course.  The designer tops are made with real silk (not chiffon) and with a level of perfection that  you will logically never get from the cheaper version. But for those of us who want style on a I’m-paying-off-student-loans-budget the cheaper version will get us through just fine.


A couple of weeks ago a beautiful dress popped up on the side of my Facebook feed, I never click on those ads but it was so pretty I went to take a look.  The dress was from SheIn,a really inexpensive (wholesale prices)clothing store with up-to-date styles.  The same dress would cost me double the price at any other store. I am now an affiliate and all my shein posts including this one will have affiliate links.  I will continue to find chic and cheap styles for you like the ones above and post them on the blog, Twitter or Facebook.   Thanks for reading!


My Q&A on ‘The Closet by Christie’

Hey Lovies,

You probably remember Christie from her guest post on Lucky Seven Ten a couple of days ago, well this lovely girl also invited me to do Q&A  on her blog.  It’s the first time I am a guest on someone else’s space and I have to say it’s a pretty awesome feeling!

In my Q&A with Christie I talk about why I started Lucky Seven Ten,  my office style section and exciting things that are in the works right now, including our wedding!  

One thing I didn’t talk to Christie about (because my Antonio and I have been keeping it sort of quiet for good luck) is our new home, we just closed on our first house yesterday in the Bronx! I expect that to start a whole new journey for us and perhaps a change of direction for my blogging interests.  Antonio loves working with his hands and without a doubt he will be taking on some DIY projects that I might want to blog about, while I really like cooking (not the shore kind of cooking but the fun kind of cooking) so I’ll share the best recipes.

But I digress, here are some of the questions Christie asked me:

Leslie - lucky seven ten

  • Where are you from and how has that affected your style?
  • Blogging is huge right now! What about you and your blog is unique compared to other bloggers?
  • You just launched an office-wear section on your blog. Tell us more about that.
  • Are you working on any exciting projects that we can expect to see up on the blog soon?
  • What Pinterest board do you pin to the most?

Then we played a little game called this or that:

  • Instagram or Twitter?
  • Chocolate or Vanilla?
  • Sweet or Salty?
  • Sun or Snow?
If you are curious about my answers, go ahead and check out the blog post here and get to know me a little better :).
I want to get to know you too, so please leave a comment with what city you are from and how that has inspired your style?  I look forward to reading about you!
PS I want to invite you to discover and follow The Closet by Christie, your 9 to 5 style guide! You can find anything from how-to style guides to what’s trending, and even office to happy hour transition looks. Bloglovin’  //  Instagram  //  Twitter  //  Pinterest  //  Facebook  //  Google+



From Casual to Dressy – I Found the Perfect Little White Dress!

I found a really cute and affordable little white dress to  participate in the Long Live The Little White Dress campaign and (fingers crossed) hopefully be featured on

Here’s my post (originally posted here):

I found the perfect Little White Dress that can be worn at night or during the day. It’s comfortable, breezy, effortless and easy to wear. It’s flattering to every body type and it will make you feel so feminine when it’s flowing with the wind.

I chose a casual look for my LWD by pairing it with a floppy hat and chunky heels. I would wear this look to a BBQ, brunch or pretty much any daytime outing.

If you are looking for a night look, you can easily shift this dress by pairing it with high heel nude sandals like these and bolder jewelry like this one.

perfect little white dress

love these tan chunky heels!

white chiffon flowey dress  nude chunky heels

(fake tan anyone? lol)


white dress outfit ideas
white dress tan hat

fanatics-6Tip: I used double sided tape on my bra straps to make sure the shoulders of the dress didn’t fall to the side and  stayed in place.
white chiffon dress - perfect lwd

Photos by AstherosPhoto

Eyebrows: Julie Tussey

Little White Chiffon Shift Dress Dress: Oasap (similar one at Lulu’s)
Floppy Bow-Band Hat: Forever21 (similar one here)
Necklace: Loft
Bracelets: Loft here and here
Earrings (not shown): Loft
Chunky Sandals: CICIHOT

***some links above are from affiliates***

When I started blogging, I never thought I would be writing about fashion.  I joined a couple of affiliate programs from my favorite stores for my own shopping and found myself wanting to share the promotions with you.  Then I found that there were not many bloggers sharing work outfits, so I started the Office Style section to share what I find.  And now my fiance has a really nice camera and I love his photos so why not have fun with it!  This my first style post featuring myself, how did I do?






Best Kept Eyebrow Secret in NYC?

A few are blessed with stunningly thick eyebrows that can be easily shaped to perfection but the rest of us have all kinds of issues from thin, unruly, patchybarely there among other things.

If you fall into the eyebrows issues group, you know a skilled eyebrow artist is hard to come by.  The average ones take a little too much from here, too little from there and give you all the reasons why your eyebrows are the problem. Only on rare occasions have I’ve been happy with a threading or a waxing job and on more than a few occasions I have literally walked out with tears in my eyes after getting my eyebrows done because of a very poorly done job. So for the past 10 years I’ve been hopping from place to place.  Sometimes I settle for an average place for a little while before moving on after a few tries.  By kismet, I stumbled upon what I think is the best kept New York city eyebrow secret a couple of days ago on yelp while searching hair salons.

A yelp elite review tipped me off to that secret and her name is Julie Tussey. An artisan in her field.  She can shape an eyebrow like you were born to have it that way.  She leans towards long and thick and uses neither waxing nor threading, just that old original method called tweezing, yep! the stuff  even tweezerman couldn’t get us to use for too long when it made it’s comeback. She plucks away little hair by littler hair, stops and examines, plucks away even more until she achieves the best shape she can give you considering previous damages.  As scary as this may sound, it did not hurt at all.   julie tussey - eyebrows - best eyebrows in nyc - celebrity eyebrow artist - luckyseventen

My Experience:
I made an appointment and she welcomed me into her peaceful Chelsea apartment on a Tuesday evening.  I was the only client, since she works by appointment only.  She settle me in, offered me something to drink and begun to work on my eyebrows.

The first time Julie showed me the mirror so that I can examine, I thought she was finished and was happy with the shape.  She examined my face again and I can tell by her facial expression that she spotted imperfections and she was not willing to let go.  I couldn’t understand what else she could possibly do to them because it was a pretty clean job, but after ten minutes of plucking away  (30 minutes by this time) she shows me the mirror and whoa whoa wow I love, I love, I love. I then realized that the first time she showed me the mirror she was just getting started.

She then tinted my brows and let sit on my brows for a few minutes before cleaning my clownish face off and again whoa, I have length and the patches are gone. But she was not happy yet, she notices more unwanted little hairs in the way and she goes on to pluck even more, showed me the progress as she went along, then tint a little more, then clean, then pluck again,  then fill them in on last time and even thought me how to fill them in myself and showed me a technique to to cover my patches.  Every step she takes is like a step closer to eyebrow perfection.   You can tell that Julie is really in love with her art.  All in all it took her about an hour for her to find my perfect shape.

You are probably wondering how much this cost, it was it was one pricey side but totally worth it – please contact Julie for her rates*.  If you calculate the what you pay for 10-15 minutes (not including wait time) for an average job at a regular salon it will make sense to you. One of her regulars that came in for her appointment as she was finishing up with me said that she hadn’t waxed in almost two months!  Turns out that after speaking to that regular for a few minutes I found out she was the same yelper who had tipped me off to Julie.  What are the chances?!  So don’t be surprised if you run into me when you go see her. This is my first visit and not the last.

I would love to hear your eyebrows stories in the comments.



*updated to remove rates per Julie’s request.


5 Eye-Catching Statement Necklaces for Work and Play – guest post with The Closet by Christie

target-turquoise-beaded-necklace, kate-spade-garden-bed-gem-necklace, white-house-black-market-grey-circle-bib-necklace, express-gold-cascading-chain-necklace, baublebar-cape-rope-collar-necklace, how-to-wear-statement-necklaces-to-the-office
Hi there, everyone! I’m Christie from The Closet by Christie blog and I’m so excited to be guest posting here at Lucky Seven Ten! Over at The Closet by Christie, I write about style for the office.  In celebration of Leslie’s new career section on Lucky Seven Ten, I’m here to tell you all about statement necklaces and how you can wear them to the office!
Here’s ‘5 Eye-Catching Statement Necklaces for Work & Play!’

target-turquoise-beaded-necklace, kate-spade-garden-bed-gem-necklace, white-house-black-market-grey-circle-bib-necklace, express-gold-cascading-chain-necklace, baublebar-cape-rope-collar-necklace, how-to-wear-statement-necklaces-to-the-office
Isn’t this necklace fabulous? I seriously fell in love with this necklace the moment I laid eyes on it! So, how can we wear this to the office? Keep it simple! The necklace goes beyond making a statement, so pair this with a basic neutral colored tee.
Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands because it’s so quirky and fun. This necklace is vibrant and full of color! Although it’s multi-colored, the big stones are white. This makes it more versatile! You can wear this piece with just about anything. It would look great with a blush oxford top!
WHBM has some of the most beautiful jewelry! This is one of my favorite boutiques, especially because of the jewelry and shoes; both beauty and quality. This necklace, although a statement style, can be worn with anything to the office. The muted tones and neutral colors makes it very versatile!
It’s interesting how something so simple can really make a statement! You don’t need bright colors to call it a statement necklace. For this piece, the amount of strands and the varying lengths is what gives it that dramatic appeal! This necklace would look great with a solid colored dress.
I love this necklace! This is perfect summer statement necklace for the office. The rope detailing gives it a nautical look, so this would look great with a navy or red dress (or even stripes!). Rope seems like a casual style but the gold detailing makes it so chic!

Thanks for welcoming me into your space today! I’ll be checking back here to this post, so feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or if you want to share a few of your own style tips. How do you wear everyday trends to the office?


More from  Christie: The Closet by Christie is your 9 to 5 style guide; it’s all about the office! You can find anything from how-to style guides to what’s trending, and even office to happy hour transition looks! With all the time spent at work during the week, I find that my wardrobe consists mostly of office-wear. I love to find creative ways to maximize my clothing possibilities by incorporating my work-wear into my weekend-wear and vice-versa! For example, a few weeks ago I wrote a style guide on how to wear kimonos to the office (see previous post: How-To Style A Floral Kimono For The Office). It’s so important to do this because who has the resources to buy two completely different wardrobes?




Stunning Media Kits for Any Blog – Twelve Skip Media Kits Review

No matter where you are in your blogging journey a media kit is absolutely essential to showcase your work to brands, score more opportunities and get treated like the professional blogger that you are. Here are couple anticipated frequently asked questions about Media Kits:

What is a Media Kit?

Consider it a resume and portfolio for your blog.  It’s a place where you tell clients who you are, share all your blog’s stats, your posting schedule (editorial calendars), information about your audience, highlight work that you are proud of and simply your opportunity to shine.  This is truly your chance to show brands that you want to work with how amazing your are.  If you are a new blogger (like myself), please know that the quality of your blog and work is way more important and getting client’s attention is not always about the size of your following.  So even if your following is small don’t let that deter you from creating a media kit and highlighting other positive aspects of you blog.  With only 43 blog posts under my belt, I’ve gotten a lot of yeses from brands that I have approached and have received quite a few inquiries from brands, including, Woodchuck Hard Cider, General Motors (GM) and quite a few others though my contact me page.

twelve skip media kit - gold - affordable media kit templates

Why do I need a Media Kit?

Google this: “{insert favorite magazine name} + Media Kit” and you’ll see your favorite magazine’s media kit in the google search results.  Every single publication has one and it’s always tied to their advertising rates and other sponsorship offerings.  So if you want to work with clients, I highly recommend that you put one together. Just like your favorite publications, you are also a publisher too and if you want to be taken seriously and get more opportunities a media kit will set you apart.

Where can I get a Media Kit for my blog?  Are Media Kits expensive? 

Large publications have graphic designers that do stunning media kits for them but most bloggers do not have that kind of resource or talent.  The good news is you can now purchase stunning media kit templates online. Welcome HIP Media Kits,  designed by web/graphic designer and marketing genie Pauline Cabrera, who has laid down the groundwork for us.  All you have to do is plug-in your info, add your images and voila.

Which Media Kit Template do you use for this blog?

I have been wanting to put a kit together for so long now but have been delaying doing this because I thought I had to do it on my own from scratch.  Thank goodness I came across the stunning HIP Media Kits and I’m just about done customizing my templates.  One is a 3-pager for my overall blog details and the other is a one-pager for my beach wedding section.

You can get your HIP Media Kit template here.

You can read more of Pauline Cabrera’s masterful media kit advice here.

Why do you recommend HIP Media Kits?

– Shockingly Affordable  (only $24.99!)
– Incredibly easy to use
– Fully customize-able (fonts, colors, graphics)
– Beautifully designed
– Many template options and variety
– Professional look and feel

– Instant download

What else should I expect in my HIP Media Kit?

– Sample media kit designs from real bloggers for inspiration (in PDF format)
– Easy to follow instruction manual
– Multiple colors already set for you on the 1-pager kits
– Compatible with Microsoft 2007 and up

Which HIP Media Kits template is your favorite?

My favorites are Elle and Turner.

Elle is glam-orgeous! this one is a 3-pager kit in a gold design.  You’ll have the opportunity to fill in your general info, stats and showcase the work you are most proud of.

For the 1-pager I love the super stylish Tuner, short attention span clients will be able to read a full snapshot of your blog in 30 seconds.  If you have a particular section of your blog  or a blog series that you want to pitch, this would be a great way to do it.

Have any more questions? please let me know in the comments.

If you are you using HIP Media Kits, do do you feel more confident approaching brands?  Do you like the look? Was it easy to customize?  Are you getting more opportunities?

Wishing you successful blogging!

Xo, Leslie

Please note: I was provided with HIP Media Kits templates to facilitate an accurate review but the information and opinions in this review are my own.   I take your trust in my review seriously and will never post deceitful information.  I love HIP media kits and have joined their affiliate program.  If you use my link to purchase yours I will receive a small commission.  This does not affect your price.


Brunch at Lafayette

Lafayette Cafe and Bakery was the perfect meet up spot for brunch with my girlfriends.  It’s a large and bright French style cafe with outdoor seating up front, a small bakery, a zinc bar adorned with a large clock and tons of seating in the main dining room.

We started our brunch with a mimosa toast, a cheese platter and lattes before moving on to our meals.  From the cheeses I loved the Pyrenees Brebis but didn’t care too much for the Tarentaise (a bit bitter) and the Tomme De Crayeuse, a soft, mild and brie-like cheese.

Pyrénées Brebis (sheep), Tarentaise Cheese and Tomme de Crayeuse (both raw cow), served with fruit stewed in cognac and pain aux noix et raisins secs from our bakery| © 2015
Pyrénées Brebis (sheep), Tarentaise Cheese and Tomme de Crayeuse (both raw cow), served with fruit stewed in cognac and pain aux noix et raisins secs from our bakery | © 2015


Latte at Lafayette| © 2015
Latte at Lafayette| © 2015

The winning dish was definitely the fluffy and citrusy lemon pancakes.

Lemon Pancakes with fresh berries| © 2015
Lemon Pancakes with fresh berries| © 2015

The rest of the dishes we ordered were good old brunch style eggs.

Smoked Salmon Benedict on brioche with sauce choron| © 2015
Smoked Salmon Benedict on brioche with sauce choron | © 2015


Egg White Frittata with Field Mushrooms  |© 2015
Egg White Frittata with Field Mushrooms |© 2015


Soft Scrambled Eggs, leeks, chèvre, pain de campagne | © 2015
Soft Scrambled Eggs, leeks, chèvre, pain de campagne | © 2015
The bar @ Lafayette | © 2015
The bar @ Lafayette | © 2015

There’s a large outdoor seating area at the front (not pictured), perfect to grab a bite and enjoy the weather. For those looking to grab and go, there’s also a small cafe/bakery with really good pastries right when you walk through the entrance and to the right.

The bakery| © 2015
The bakery| © 2015
 © 2015
© 2015
Chocolate Eclairs | © 2015
Chocolate, Butterscotch Coffee and Strawberry Chesesecake Eclairs | © 2015
Lafayette Pastries | © 2015
Lafayette Pastries | © 2015
Lafayette Macaroons| © 2015
Lafayette Macaroons| © 2015

The strawberry eclairs were flying off the shelf but I opted for delicious macaroons instead, which they packed for me in these cute little boxes.

Macaroons in box| © 2015
Macaroons in box: Lafayette, Magnolia flower and Birthday cake | © 2015

If you visit Lafayette, be sure to  pick up some goodies at the bakery on your way out.


Xo, Leslie