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PHOTOS: The NYBG Holiday Train Show is Spectacular! (click to view slideshow)

The annual New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show opened this weekend and it is truly a must-see beautiful creation.  The amount of detail in each piece is very impressive and the atmosphere is magical.  From toddlers to adults everyone will enjoy this event.
NYBG - New York Botanic Garden - Holiday Train Show - NYC Guide - Kids-28
I brought my niece (9) and nephew (6) to the show and though they were impressed all around they were mostly in love with the different trains roaming around the mini NYC.
NYBG - New York Botanic Garden - Holiday Train Show - NYC Guide - Kids-65
I mostly enjoyed looking at the gorgeous architecture and recognizing the landmarks, most of which have evolved over time.  I can’t exactly explain why but being there gave me a sense of pride and joy and made me feel very lucky to be a New Yorker.  I’ve built so many memories in pretty much every corner of this city, whether it was my first PR internship by Grand Central, or my two favorite New York bridges, the George Washington Bridge (I had a view of it from my room growing up) or the stunning Brooklyn Bridge (which I crossed every day to get to my first leased apt to/from work) or the beautiful Central Park, which no explanation is needed just great memories.

The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory which is inside the NYBG was probably my favorite work. (this is my dream wedding venue!)

NYBG - New York Botanic Garden - Holiday Train Show - NYC Guide - Kids-32

Followed by the George Washington Bridge.

NYBG - New York Botanic Garden - Holiday Train Show - NYC Guide - Kids-22

And then I arrived at this gorgeous landmark and couldn’t recognize it until I read the label.

NYBG - New York Botanic Garden - Holiday Train Show - NYC Guide - Kids-54

That’s because it was demolished in 1963, this is the original Penn Station. Why on earth anyone do that?!

I highly recommend going to see this for yourself.  Entrance is free with membership and preview members-only days to this and other special events are included. A couple of weeks back I blogged about this NYBG event where I mentioned that Antonio and I signed up for a family membership.  We applied the total tickets cost purchased through a second party discount website towards the cost of the membership, the difference came to about $65, and it has been well worth it.  For non-members tickets are about $28 for adults and $16 for kids  on the weekends that’s a lot of loot when you add it up!

If you don’t live in New York or don’t mind seeing spoiler pictures, go ahead indulge through this slideshow:

How many landmarks do you recognize without reading the labels? Name them in the comments below.

Xo, Leslie


The New York Botanical Garden – Haunted Pumpkin Garden

Last weekend my fiancé and I took our nieces to the New York Botanical Garden – Haunted Pumpkin Garden.

We arrived late in the afternoon and all the extra activities were finished, but the girls still had a good time.

They walked through the haunted trails excitedly, found their way through a maze, jumped mud puddles, played with puppets and saw an astonishing 272 lbs watermelon and a massive 2,008 lbs pumpkin (the largest in America).

Meanwhile Antonio and I were loving the decorations, enjoying the crisp Fall air and the colorful foliage.

There were hundreds if not thousands of scary faced pumpkins around the garden.  Ghouls and creatures were also on display. All leading towards a creepy gigantic pumpkin carving by the world’s best carver Ray Villafane.

Browse through the slides to see fun pictures of our adventure in the Haunted Garden and fall in love with the dazzling green, red and yellow autumn colors we all love so much.

 Here are 3 tips to save money during your trip:

  1. Bring your own snacks/food  – while they sell fairly priced snacks in the garden you will find yourself out of a lot of loot by the time  your day is done.  Kids will get thirsty, hungry and will want you to buy everything they find on sight.  Having a couple of snacks handy can help you cut your expenses.
  2. Scan LivingSocial Local Events for discounted tickets  – that’s how we got ours and we saved $5 per adult and $2 per children.
  3. Trade in your day tickets for a family membership – we enjoyed the NYBG event  so much that we decided to get a family membership.  We applied our LivingSocial discounted tickets to our membership fee and we only paid the difference. This is a great investment if you think you will be going a few times per year.

And now that we have a membership, these are the events we are looking forward to attending:

*not included in the family membership, however we will get discounted tickets

Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this adventure as much as we did!

Xo, Lucky

PS We were photo-bombed by a  pumpkin!

Pumpkin Festival #hauntednybg

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