Are you looking for a great sports bar in the Washington Heights / Inwood area?  You’re in the right place.  Heights Tavern is hands down the best sports bar in the area.


 So what make  a Sports Bar great?


  1. Plenty of TVs Views from Anywhere + Audio – This bar has HD TVs everywhere. You will have screens to your left, in front and to your right from any table. But when watching a game, the sound is just as important and many establishments take that for granted but not HT.
Plenty of TVs at Heights Tavern |  © 2015
Plenty of TVs at Heights Tavern | © 2015


  1. Extensive Beer Menu/ Good Drinks/ Happy Hour Specials -HT has over 45 beers on the menu, a great wine selection and happy hour specials.
Drinks at Heights Tavern| © 2015
Drinks at Heights Tavern| © 2015


  1. Great Wings and Bar Food– Chicken wings is a game night staple and some bar wings are simply not so great.  I like the wings and bar food here.  The skillet nachos, have a creamy white sauce at the bottom that is amazing!  You can also get soups, salads, burgers, flatbreads and entrees.
Wings at Heights Tavern |© 2015
Wings at Heights Tavern |© 2015
Nachos at Heights Tavern |© 2015
Nachos at Heights Tavern |© 2015
Food at Heights Tavern | © 2015
Food at Heights Tavern | © 2015


  1. Comfortable Environment -No matter how much a sports bar want to appeal to the young, modern and hip, it must maintain a casual feel to it. Nobody wants to “dress up” to go watch the game nor deal with bougie-wannabes.  Which brings me to the next point…
  1. The People – It’s nice to go to a bar where other sports fan will be cheering along. Whether you are on the same team or not – it’s always fun to be in the spirit.
With the bae enjoying the game


  1. Space/ Plenty of Seating – This one is a personal preference. I want to be comfortable sitting down at a table, enjoying the game along with my food and drinks.  Some people love to stand by the bar and that’s fine but I think having plenty of seats available is a huge plus.
Sports fan can be spotted wearing team's jersey | © 2015
Sports fan spotted wearing team’s jersey | © 2015


  1. Location – There a plenty of bars in NYC, however this one is conveniently located at 164th street and Broadway – within <15 minutes from some Bronx areas, some Harlem areas, Inwood and Washington Heights.

Heights Tavern info:

3910 Broadway
b/t 164th St and 163rd
Phone: (212) 740-5700
Menu here

If you live in the upper Manhattan area, which is your favorite Sports Bar? 

If you don’t,  what do you think makes a Sports Bar great in your?  Would you add anything to this list?

Xo, Leslie

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  • Michele

    I don’t watch sports so don’t go to sports bars. I do know the area you are talking about and it is not to far from where I live (maybe 1/2 hour with traffic in a car). This bar does sound like a good one–I definitely like that they have lots of table seating and I am sure that all the sports fans appreciate the multiple TV’s which they can actually hear!

  • Robin Rue

    We are down in Manhattan quite a bit and I have never been there. I love places like this, so I will add it to the list of places to check out on one of our next trips.

  • Krystal

    This looks great! The next time I’m in that area, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

  • songbirdsandbuttons

    Wow, now I’m hungry! If I’m ever in that area I’ll have to make sure to stop by!

  • Melissa Pezza

    My husband just walked by and said, “Hey, where’s that?” He’s a big sports bar fan, so I guess this one is a winner!

    • That’s awesome, hahaha. Glad your hubby approves :)

  • I haven’t been to a sports bar in awhile, but we always went to BWW which is the only “sports” bar around here. I like the bars that have the hand-held games you can play as well.

  • michele d

    Looks like a wonderful place to watch some sports and get a bite to eat. Great prices on those happy hour drinks too. If I ever head to New York, I be sure to check them out!

  • Oh those nachos look too good! I’ll have to check this place out next time I’m in town!

  • onceuponamaritime

    I haven’t been to a sports bar in a long time, but those chicken wings look so good; I would love to have a couple of those!

  • It sure looks like a great place to meet friends, order some food and drinks, and kick back and bicker over a ball game! :-) l like it.

  • I wish we had one of those in the area. The chicken wings look so good.

  • mail4rosey

    My husband loves this kind of venue. THe more TVs (and wings) the better! :)

  • That looks like my kind of sports bar. The food looks amazing, you’ve managed to make me hungry.

  • I love a place with a wide-ranging happy hour! I love the way
    the nachos that you featured look. I also like that you can just chill out at
    the sports bar and not worry about a dress code or anything.