About a week after I got back from the cruise I landed a new job.  So far I’m very happy there and feel blessed to have been introduced to this opportunity by a good friend. But as with a new job, I have a lot to learn so I’ve been working very looooong hours.

Lucky Seven Ten has since taken a back sit to my bread and butter and I have about 10 blog post sitting on draft.  Considering I don’t  have a large audience yet I haven’t been exactly super motivated to come home after a long tiresome day to work on my blog uncertain if anyone is even reading it. (Sorry for the lack of faith guys!)

But then something really cool happened last Sunday.  Rachel from High Heels & Grits posted on my page that she nominates me for the Liebster Blog Award. This award is passed on from bloggers to new bloggers that inspire them and have less than 200 followers.

I was so happy when I read this.  I thought wow somebody is actually reading my blog and not only is she reading it but she loves it.  I was ignited.  I think it’s so awesome that someone likes my blog even though I’ve only written two blog posts. As a blogger, you truly never know who you are inspiring.  If just one person likes what I’m putting out there I’m happy.

The Liebster Blog Award’s origin is unknown and the rules seem to have change over time but here is what I will be doing:

  • Posting 11 random things about myself here.
  • Answering Rachel’s 11 questions here.
  • Nominating 11 new blogs/bloggers with <200 followers that I’m inspired by here.
  • Asking my nominees 11 questions here.

So I thank this beautiful soul for nominating me and here are my nominees.