LuckySevenTen’s 1 Year Blog Anniversary!

Can you believe It has  been 366 days since I registered  on wordpress? My very first blog post was published 364 days ago and just in time for #throwbackthrusday here’s my first Instagram photo:

I started my blog right after coming back from this cruise where I got engaged to the love of my life.  Since then, I got a new job where I am much happier, we bought a house in the Bronx and we set our destination wedding date to the beginning of next year.

If you are curious about why I started blogging, you can read more all about it here.

What I’ve Learn in this year of blogging: 
I built this blog from scratch, so I learned to do everything… from my finding my webhost, to choosing as a  blogging platform, to designing my logo and website to managing my google analytics and pretty much everything else.  I learned how to do most of it in one year.

Connections I’ve made with fellow bloggers:
I’ve interacted with some amazing bloggers including Pauline Cabrera and did a Blogger Spotlight Q&A on The Closet by Christie, my first collaboration.  I also received 20 inquiries via my contact me page from brands and bloggers requesting to work together.

Who I’ve worked with:
Minted.comWoodchucks Hard CiderMorroco MethodYarok HairCalvin Klein and more are in the works.

My favorite blogging secret weapons:
Canva for editing my blog images.
Evernote for writing my blog drafts.
Pocket for saving articles (or anything online) I want to be able to read when I have no internet connection.
Bloglovin to keep up with other blogs in one email.

You guys seem to be enjoying my blog and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that.  Here are some stats:

About 1,700 -2,500 of you visit every month and each of you view approximately 2 blog posts every time you visit, an average of 6k-7k views per month.  During the month of January 51% of you guys came back to view more, however by June 75% of my visitors were here for the first time, which is awesome because that means that you are probably sharing this blog with your friends and helping is reaching new heights!

On Social Media…
@luckyseventen now has over 1 THOUSAND of you following on twitter, love ya! And it’s almost getting there on facebook and instagram.  If you enjoy my blog but are not following, please do!

Special Thanks:
I want to thank K. Hernandez-Aviles of Honey Shot Photography who took amazing shots of me at the NYBG for a beauty post not yet published (my twitter profile picture is one of them).  Thanks to Burt’s BeesEco BellaGressa Skin for sending me products to review, expect those on the blog soon.  And Giuseppe from Ornella Trattoria for inviting me to dinner in Queens.  Also AMIClubwear who recently reached out to me and sent me the lovely back dress I am wearing in this picture and other gifts.  And last but most definitely not the least, my fiance for supporting me in every way possible.

Goals for the next 6 months:
I will be mostly blogging about my destination wedding planning and our new home.  Expect some Latin recipes coming this way!  I also want to get a fun signature, make design improvements to the site as well as make it run faster.

An Anniversary Gift for You!
For the next 4 weeks I will be hosting a weekly giveaway so come back on Saturday, August 1st to enter to win:

Week 1:  Argan Shampoo and Silk 18 Conditioner from Maple Holistics Giveaway.

Week 2: $25 gift certificate from Giveaway.

Week 3: $25 gift certificate from Morrocco Method Giveaway.

Week 4: It’s a surprise!

XO, Leslie



How to Get a Great Deal on Plane Tickets by Dealspotr

The price of plane tickets is often the determining factor as to whether many people can fit a vacation into their budget. Luckily, there are several techniques you can use to cut down on flying costs. Below are five ways Dealspotr has found that are sure to help you get a better price on plane tickets.

Shop for Tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday

When airlines have a sale, it’s traditionally on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Buying your tickets on those days, especially Tuesday, will generally yield you the best price. Keep your eye out for flash sales on those days as well. Every so often airlines will offer amazing prices for a short period of time as a means of guaranteeing revenue for future dates that might look a bit soft. Just make sure you are ready to pounce if a flash sale hits, because they don’t last very long and are regularly followed up by really high prices once they end as airlines hope you’ll pay the higher price since you’ve already gone through the hassle of finding a flight.

Shop At Least a Month in Advance, If Not Longer

While it’s possible to get a great deal on a last-minute flight, it’s certainly not very likely. In fact, it’s common for last-minute flights to cost three or four times the amount it would have cost had you bought tickets a couple months ahead of time. This is especially true during popular travel periods like holidays or spring break. The other nice thing about shopping at least a month out is that you can plan your trip around the flight. For example, if you are able to get a spectacular deal on a flight, then you can book the rest of the trip based on the plane tickets. It’s much easier to get a good price on the plane tickets if you buy them first and then plan the trip around the flight as opposed to setting up all the other trip details and worrying about the flight later.

Join Airline Loyalty Programs

You should make it a habit not to fly with a particular airline until you’ve first signed up for its loyalty program. These loyalty programs are almost always free and reward you for giving the airline repeat business. Some even provide incentives when you first sign up that you can use to get seat upgrades or a free checked bag. If you’ve heard of “frequent flyer miles” they refer to these loyalty programs. The more miles you build up with an airline, the more points you get in their loyalty program which you can later redeem for free flights or other perks. Even if you wind up not using the airline again or getting anything out of the program, there is no downside as you don’t usually have to pay to join.

Find a Credit Card With Travel Perks and Always Use it to Fly

If none of your current credit cards offer points or cash back for traveling, then you should either considering signing up for one that does or call one of your current credit card companies and ask them if they can switch you to a card that provides benefits for traveling. Even if you don’t anticipate traveling or flying very much, it still makes sense to dedicate one of your credit cards to this purpose, so you can have in case of potential unexpected future trips you might have to make. Similar to loyalty programs, credit cards with travel perks allow you to build up points that you can then redeem for discounted flights, hotel stays or attractions. Sometimes you can even get a free flight. Other travel cards offer straight cash back, rather than points, so once you spend up to a certain threshold on flying and other travel-related expenses, the credit card company will give you cash back, typically in the form of a check or gift card, but occasionally as a refund applied to your statement.

Consider Two One Way Flights Instead of Round Trip

For those of you not interested in joining any loyalty programs or getting any new credit cards, this is the best option. The more flexible you are as a traveler, the better chances you’ll be able to score a good price on plane tickets. By researching all of the airlines that travel between your host city and your destination you can compare the prices for one-way tickets with all of them. Should you be flying into and/or out of cities with multiple airports, then you can also research how much he one-way flights are from those various airports. Odds are you’ll find that the best price involves you flying to a different airport than you return from using a different airline each way.

About the Author:

Jason Feller is the Director of Marketing with and writes tips and advice articles for the site on how to save money on a broad spectrum of items. He’s a former journalist with The Washington Post, and the Times Record News.



A Hair Oasis in the Concrete Jungle: My Organic Color System at Yarok Beauty Kitchen Review and Experience

A couple of weeks ago I was searching for non-toxic hair dyes and I came across Organic Colour Systems (OCS), an ammonia-free hair coloring product available only in hair salons.  They provided me a list of salons that carry their colors in my area and I immediately recognized Yarok Beauty Kitchen (YBK) from a time that I purchased their products at an IBS Show and I gave them a call to partner for this post.

Mordechai Alvow (YBK’s owner) and Damian Daffara (Brand Manager) welcomed me into their literally hair kitchen, a clean,  sleek and relaxing salon where you can truly escape into peaceful and quiet place for some hair pampering.  Don’t think of it as a busy, loud and obnoxious place where you just want to be in and out, but rather a tranquil hair spa where clients get one on one personal attention from their stylist.  YBK  works by appointment only and there’s hardly ever more than two clients at a time. They pride themselves in taking care of you the moment you walk in, so there’s no waiting either.

yarok beauty kitchen - chelsea nyc organic salon


yarok beauty kitchen - Hair Color by Isaac Davidson using Organic Color SystemsIssac Davidson was my stylist.  I initially wanted an ecaille balayage but since my hair, though course, is naturally thin and has been so fragile in the past couple of months from mixing a henna color and detox powder the same day, I told him I was  completely open minded to whatever he wanted to do.  Issac opted to tone down my brassy grown out highlights, and for my look paired very subtle low lights with an ombre look. We chatted as he colored my hair and I was impressed to learn of his career in the beauty industry and he is a total sweetheart!  check out his website here and  Wigbar business here.

yarok beauty kitchen - Organic Hair System - Salon Review
I was very excited to try Organic Color Systems.  Ever since I found out that most hair dyes (anywhere) contain highly toxic ingredients that have been to linked to  fertility, allergies and immune system issues and in some instances to cancer I became obsessed with finding an alternative to dying my hair.  Some of those bad ingredients include  Ammonia, PPD,  Coal-tarDMDM HydantoinMethylparabensPropylparabens2. 2,5 Diamine Toluene Sulfate,  Lead AcetateResorcinol among others. While OCS is not completely chemical-free (that’s impossible) nor is it 100% natural, it does not have any of the following 5 toxic ingredients which to me is an improvement because it still managed to make my hair a few shades lighter without the bad stuff and offensive smell.

The real alternative to traditional dyes are Henna dyes, and by far the safest hair coloring available  in the market, however I once (not long ago) tried to use a blonde henna color to go a few shades lighter and that of course it didn’t work at all on my dark hair.  I love light hair and since I don’t dye my hair often OCS proved to be a good alternative for me. I hope the ombre and balayage looks are here to stay so that I can keep the dyes as away from my roots as much as possible.

yarok beauty kitchen - intimate salon dedicated to the YAROK lifestyle of organic, sustainable beauty. Here, Mordechai Alvow chats will Leslie of

While getting my hair done, Mordechai sat down to talk to me about his reasons for starting a hair salon committed to high quality organic and sustainable hair products.  He previously owned MOTY MOTY, a hair salon inside the upper east side’s Equinox Sports Club.  While he was in the process of going through healthier and greener lifestyle changes, Mordechai  started experimenting with fresh ingredients in his kitchen for his salon clients at the time.  His clients would just keep coming back to ask for more scalp treatments, they just couldn’t get enough of the amazing results they were getting from it.  In fact that’s what inspired him to start his own vegan hair line Yarok, which means green, and is made with organic and all-natural botanicals.  He later opened his second salon Yarok Beauty Kitchen to embrace this new lifestyle and is enjoying the same loyalty from his green-conscious high-end clients.

yarok natural and organic beauty line
Although I came in for a hair color I must admit I was intrigued and could not take my eyes off his famed scalp treatments! Yarok Beauty Kitchen is literally a hair kitchen, equipped with high quality exotic nut seed oils and essential oils with amazing beauty benefits.   When I saw the aloe vera leaf and avocado on the table I knew I would be right at home. Those are part of my weekly hair routine, because like Mordechai I also experiment with fresh ingredients at home.  But I have to admit fruit seed oils is something I have not played around with yet, nor have I used many of the exotic oils he carries. I didn’t try the scalp treatment this time for lack of time but I plan to make an appointment for that because certainly this salon elevates scalp treatments to a utopian level.

yarok beauty kitchen - exotic oils
YBK  is highly committed quality, so you can expect top notch local and imported exotic oils and natural ingredients.  Some of the interesting oils I spotted included with amazing hair benefits included: Broccoli Seed Oil (growth, strength, counter hair-loss); Black Currant Seed Oil (hair-loss prevention/ prevent thinning hair ); Black Cumin Seed Oil – used by Cleopatra– (hair-growth and prevents (poliosis) early graying); Marula Oil (scalp-health and growth); Apricot Kernel Oil (conditioning/norishing, moisturizing, growth); Kukui Oil (moisturizing) and Tomato Seed Oil (conditioning, restores dry/brittle hair). Scalp treatments area vailable a la cart or any of the curated mixtures.yarok beauty kitchen

And here’s what you’ve been waiting for, My Organic Color Systems results:

yarok beauty kitchen - YBK - Organic hair Systems Review

You can see my previously brassy color in this picture.

yarok beauty kitchen - Isaac Davidson  - Isaac Davidson Hair Stylist Yarok Beauty Kitchen is excited to introduce organic colorist and hair designer Isaac Davidson. After graduating from the Aveda Institute, Isaac moved to NYC where he began his path to alternative styling, starting with Hair Police salon and then apprenticing with one of Broadway's leading wigmakers. Although specializing in Hair extensions , Isaac continues to see clients for hair cut styling and color services. Isaac is devoted to organic practices and products using "The Organic Color System" Isaac has worked with renowned photographers including Steven Meisel, Jim Fiscus, and Terry Richardson, and has a client list featuring top fashion brands like Chanel, Bebe, and DKNY. He has designed custom wigs for shows and exhibits in renowned venues like Museum @ FIT, Hessel Museum of Art, and Brooklyn Art Museum. His television credits include RuPaul's Drag Race, America's Next Top Model, and MTV's "Made" series.
Issac Davidson, Organic Colorist and Hair Designer and myself
yarok beauty kitchen - Mordechai Alvow Hair Stylist Mordechai Alvow is an editorial stylist and the founder of Yarok Haircare, a budding, botanically-based line of restorative hair care. Brilliantly interpreting fashion and trends into uniquely fresh and wearable hairstyles. He has worked with scores of designers, advertisers, photographers and celebrities, his work gracing the pages of Allure, ELLE, InSTYLE, Marie Claire, New York Magazine and VOGUE. Mordechai's celebrity clients include Melania Trump, Naomi Watts and Vanessa Minnillo, to name a few, and his international runway experience includes Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui, and Yohji Yamamoto. He brings this runway influence to his salon clients through his technical mastery of cut and color.
Mordechai Alvow, Yarok Hair Products and Yarok Beauty Kitchen Owner and Stylist and myself

Thanks to Mordechai and his wonderful team for my color and allowing me to introduce you to this hair heaven.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

XO, Leslie

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5 Incredibly Cheap Office Friendly Tops that Look Expensive

I found these beautiful office friendly tops for under $15 they look shockingly identical to blouses that cost more than $150.  Take a look and let me know what you think:

1.  Emerald-green Ruffle Silk/Chiffon Top 

SheIn Vs Ninna Ricci

Left: SheIn Green Puff Sleeve Split Chiffon Blouse   Right: NINA RICCI Vertical ruffle silk blouse

2.  Brushstroke Short Sleeve Boxy Blouse

Shein vs Lafayette 148 New York

Left: SheIn Black Short Sleeve Dip Hem Loose Blouse Right: Lafayette 148 New York ‘Lula’ Brushstroke Split Neck Blouse

3. Embellished Chiffon/ Silk Blouse with beading around the neck shein vs Haute Hippie

Left: White Round Neck Branch Print Blouse Right: Haute Hippie Embellished Silk Blouse

4.  White Blouse with Floral Branch Print 

Floral Print  - Branch Print blouse

Left: SheIN White Round Neck Branch Print Blouse Right: Essentiel Top – Hurry Up Print
Cutout sholder top

Left: SheIn White Short Sleeve Cut Out Chiffon Blouse Right: Cooper & Ella Lily Cutout-Shoulder Sheer-Yoke Top

Keep in mind the fabric nor the quality will be the same of course.  The designer tops are made with real silk (not chiffon) and with a level of perfection that  you will logically never get from the cheaper version. But for those of us who want style on a I’m-paying-off-student-loans-budget the cheaper version will get us through just fine.


A couple of weeks ago a beautiful dress popped up on the side of my Facebook feed, I never click on those ads but it was so pretty I went to take a look.  The dress was from SheIn,a really inexpensive (wholesale prices)clothing store with up-to-date styles.  The same dress would cost me double the price at any other store. I am now an affiliate and all my shein posts including this one will have affiliate links.  I will continue to find chic and cheap styles for you like the ones above and post them on the blog, Twitter or Facebook.   Thanks for reading!


My Q&A on ‘The Closet by Christie’

Hey Lovies,

You probably remember Christie from her guest post on Lucky Seven Ten a couple of days ago, well this lovely girl also invited me to do Q&A  on her blog.  It’s the first time I am a guest on someone else’s space and I have to say it’s a pretty awesome feeling!

In my Q&A with Christie I talk about why I started Lucky Seven Ten,  my office style section and exciting things that are in the works right now, including our wedding!  

One thing I didn’t talk to Christie about (because my Antonio and I have been keeping it sort of quiet for good luck) is our new home, we just closed on our first house yesterday in the Bronx! I expect that to start a whole new journey for us and perhaps a change of direction for my blogging interests.  Antonio loves working with his hands and without a doubt he will be taking on some DIY projects that I might want to blog about, while I really like cooking (not the shore kind of cooking but the fun kind of cooking) so I’ll share the best recipes.

But I digress, here are some of the questions Christie asked me:

Leslie - lucky seven ten

  • Where are you from and how has that affected your style?
  • Blogging is huge right now! What about you and your blog is unique compared to other bloggers?
  • You just launched an office-wear section on your blog. Tell us more about that.
  • Are you working on any exciting projects that we can expect to see up on the blog soon?
  • What Pinterest board do you pin to the most?

Then we played a little game called this or that:

  • Instagram or Twitter?
  • Chocolate or Vanilla?
  • Sweet or Salty?
  • Sun or Snow?
If you are curious about my answers, go ahead and check out the blog post here and get to know me a little better :).
I want to get to know you too, so please leave a comment with what city you are from and how that has inspired your style?  I look forward to reading about you!
PS I want to invite you to discover and follow The Closet by Christie, your 9 to 5 style guide! You can find anything from how-to style guides to what’s trending, and even office to happy hour transition looks. Bloglovin’  //  Instagram  //  Twitter  //  Pinterest  //  Facebook  //  Google+



From Casual to Dressy – I Found the Perfect Little White Dress!

I found a really cute and affordable little white dress to  participate in the Long Live The Little White Dress campaign and (fingers crossed) hopefully be featured on

Here’s my post (originally posted here):

I found the perfect Little White Dress that can be worn at night or during the day. It’s comfortable, breezy, effortless and easy to wear. It’s flattering to every body type and it will make you feel so feminine when it’s flowing with the wind.

I chose a casual look for my LWD by pairing it with a floppy hat and chunky heels. I would wear this look to a BBQ, brunch or pretty much any daytime outing.

If you are looking for a night look, you can easily shift this dress by pairing it with high heel nude sandals like these and bolder jewelry like this one.

perfect little white dress

love these tan chunky heels!

white chiffon flowey dress  nude chunky heels

(fake tan anyone? lol)


white dress outfit ideas
white dress tan hat

fanatics-6Tip: I used double sided tape on my bra straps to make sure the shoulders of the dress didn’t fall to the side and  stayed in place.
white chiffon dress - perfect lwd

Photos by AstherosPhoto

Eyebrows: Julie Tussey

Little White Chiffon Shift Dress Dress: Oasap (similar one at Lulu’s)
Floppy Bow-Band Hat: Forever21 (similar one here)
Necklace: Loft
Bracelets: Loft here and here
Earrings (not shown): Loft
Chunky Sandals: CICIHOT

***some links above are from affiliates***

When I started blogging, I never thought I would be writing about fashion.  I joined a couple of affiliate programs from my favorite stores for my own shopping and found myself wanting to share the promotions with you.  Then I found that there were not many bloggers sharing work outfits, so I started the Office Style section to share what I find.  And now my fiance has a really nice camera and I love his photos so why not have fun with it!  This my first style post featuring myself, how did I do?






Best Kept Eyebrow Secret in NYC?

A few are blessed with stunningly thick eyebrows that can be easily shaped to perfection but the rest of us have all kinds of issues from thin, unruly, patchybarely there among other things.

If you fall into the eyebrows issues group, you know a skilled eyebrow artist is hard to come by.  The average ones take a little too much from here, too little from there and give you all the reasons why your eyebrows are the problem. Only on rare occasions have I’ve been happy with a threading or a waxing job and on more than a few occasions I have literally walked out with tears in my eyes after getting my eyebrows done because of a very poorly done job. So for the past 10 years I’ve been hopping from place to place.  Sometimes I settle for an average place for a little while before moving on after a few tries.  By kismet, I stumbled upon what I think is the best kept New York city eyebrow secret a couple of days ago on yelp while searching hair salons.

A yelp elite review tipped me off to that secret and her name is Julie Tussey. An artisan in her field.  She can shape an eyebrow like you were born to have it that way.  She leans towards long and thick and uses neither waxing nor threading, just that old original method called tweezing, yep! the stuff  even tweezerman couldn’t get us to use for too long when it made it’s comeback. She plucks away little hair by littler hair, stops and examines, plucks away even more until she achieves the best shape she can give you considering previous damages.  As scary as this may sound, it did not hurt at all.   julie tussey - eyebrows - best eyebrows in nyc - celebrity eyebrow artist - luckyseventen

My Experience:
I made an appointment and she welcomed me into her peaceful Chelsea apartment on a Tuesday evening.  I was the only client, since she works by appointment only.  She settle me in, offered me something to drink and begun to work on my eyebrows.

The first time Julie showed me the mirror so that I can examine, I thought she was finished and was happy with the shape.  She examined my face again and I can tell by her facial expression that she spotted imperfections and she was not willing to let go.  I couldn’t understand what else she could possibly do to them because it was a pretty clean job, but after ten minutes of plucking away  (30 minutes by this time) she shows me the mirror and whoa whoa wow I love, I love, I love. I then realized that the first time she showed me the mirror she was just getting started.

She then tinted my brows and let sit on my brows for a few minutes before cleaning my clownish face off and again whoa, I have length and the patches are gone. But she was not happy yet, she notices more unwanted little hairs in the way and she goes on to pluck even more, showed me the progress as she went along, then tint a little more, then clean, then pluck again,  then fill them in on last time and even thought me how to fill them in myself and showed me a technique to to cover my patches.  Every step she takes is like a step closer to eyebrow perfection.   You can tell that Julie is really in love with her art.  All in all it took her about an hour for her to find my perfect shape.

You are probably wondering how much this cost, it was it was one pricey side but totally worth it – please contact Julie for her rates*.  If you calculate the what you pay for 10-15 minutes (not including wait time) for an average job at a regular salon it will make sense to you. One of her regulars that came in for her appointment as she was finishing up with me said that she hadn’t waxed in almost two months!  Turns out that after speaking to that regular for a few minutes I found out she was the same yelper who had tipped me off to Julie.  What are the chances?!  So don’t be surprised if you run into me when you go see her. This is my first visit and not the last.

I would love to hear your eyebrows stories in the comments.



*updated to remove rates per Julie’s request.