While I was on a mini vacation with my family I got to try the NEW Ouidad Advanced Climate Control® product line, which includes a Defrizzing Shampoo and Conditioner, a  Detangling Heat Spray and a Heat & Humidity Gel.

I was in Honduras for a week and the daily weather was 100+ degrees, to say it was hot and humid is an understatement.  We spent a lot of time outdoors and some time at the beach and pool (chlorine is my hair’s enemy) so this trip was definitely the ultimate performance test for Ouidad’s promise of frizz-free curls.  Keep reading to find out my thoughts on this product line and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the page.

Current Hair Situation

My hair is naturally dry and very thin.  I have a lot of heat damage (mostly in the front) from blow drying/flat iron, and I’m currently dealing with hair loss/thin hair due to low estrogen levels after giving birth.  I also colored my hair right before this trip.   

First Impression and Experience

When I used the Defrizzing Shampoo in the shower,  I immediately  noticed that my hair was curling up into ringlets – more than usual- and most importantly my hair still felt soft during the wash, which is something I am not used to with shampoos since they tend to harden and tangle my hair. I was also able to easily detangle my hair with the Defrizzing  Conditioner  and I left the shower with a head full of wet curls that look ready to go, which again is not something I’m used to. Once out of the shower I applied the Heat and Humidity Gel which was very light, not greasy or sticky and my hair still felt clean, I then used the Detangling Heat Spray and use the rake and shake technique for these last two steps and was ready to head out the door without any more styling.  (Note: later I learned that the Spray goes before the gel, but I was still very happy with the results).  The curls lasted and were moist and shiny all day until I went to bed, the next day I would refresh using a bit of the gel and heat spray.


Final Words

I was very impressed and taken by surprised when I used Ouidad’s Advanced Climate control line because:

  1. I achieved curl ringlets in my entire head even though I have a lot of heat damage (didn’t think it would be possible, since the front of my head doesn’t curl very well)
  2. My curls never got frizzy in 100 degrees weather nor after submerging in salt water or chlorine and better yet, the curls were healthy-looking, moist and under control.

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control® lived up to its promise and required very little effort on my part – I literately just washed, applied and out the door.  This line was the perfect vacation companion providing humidity and UV protection it is perfect for the summer and warm weather.  I highly recommend it.



Ouidad provided their new Advanced Climate Control line for my review and thanks to them you can enter to win the full-size Advanced Climate Control set worth $96.








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  • Alli Smith

    I need this in my life! It gets so humid during the summer here in the south and my hair is so dry. I was just thinking about changing my hair products and I need to get this before leaving on my annual trip to St. Martin.

  • Candy Kage

    Mine is just the opposite. Thick and straight. It would take a tight perm to get any curls to stay in my hair. Always looking for great natural products to use.

  • What a great sounding range of products, my hair is awfully frizzy so I think I need to check this out for myself.

  • Jeanette

    This is something like I have been looking for. I am about to go on a vacation that will be hot humid in all beach weather so I would like something like this to control my hair.

  • I haven’t been doing much with my hair because I get highlights. I don’t want to add too much heat to it in case it gets damaged.

  • Christy Maurer

    That is awesome for people with curly hair. I know I hear curly girls complain a lot about how frizzy their hair gets when the weather is humid.

  • I live in Florida and the humidity makes my hair go wild. I would love to try and see if this product tames my hair

  • My hair has been a nightmare all of my life. I wonder if this brand could help me turn that around.

  • blm03

    This sounds like a great product. I have stick straight hair, so I don’t really worry about humidity, but I have lots of friends that would love this!

  • AM

    Great post! Looks like a cool product!

  • Claudia Krusch

    I would love to try the Ouidad’s Advanced Climate control line. I will have to share this with my Sister. Her hair is always out of control in the summer.

  • Pam W

    Wow, this sounds like it worked great for your hair. My hair has a lot of heat damage.

  • valmg

    I wish I had curls like yours. My hair is painfully straight so I get a spiral perm every year. That being said I am familiar with frizz and it stinks.

  • I LOVE Ouidad! I have crazy curls as well and it’s the only product I’ve found tha works for me

  • Shannon Graham

    I need this like I need sleep. My hair goes NUTS in the summer.

  • Alison Rost

    I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Ouidad. They are just so effective when it comes to taking care of hair.

  • Cynthia Nicoletti

    Your hair looks fabulous after using Ouidad. Great giveaway.

  • Maria A. Malaveci

    Because I have curls and I think I would love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Patty Duke

    I would love to try Ouidad. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews. Thanks for the chance.

  • Kayla Klontz

    I want to try Ouidad because everyone gives rave reviews about it and I love how makes your hair look so much healthier and tamed.

  • Michelle Catallo

    My daughter has beautiful hair such as yourself and I would love to be able to capture all her curls without the frizz.

  • Mary benack

    Id like to try this on my hair. So i can try a different style

  • Virginia Hildreth

    I would love to try Ouidad because the humidity here is crazy. My hairstyles always end in a ponytail along with my both my twin girls hairstyles. Please HELP 😊

  • kelly woods

    Would love for my daughter to try this. It looks like it works great.

  • donnak4

    I need it to fight the summer humidity.

  • Kathy Davis

    My son would love for his new hair due

  • mpotter01

    humility= frizz, I have american Indian hair and even though popular belief is that it should be normally straight northern mid western Indians we frizz, A LOT

  • Jill Jackson

    Living in the Texas humidity my hair can’t catch a break.

  • nickie burke

    The summer humidity hurts my curls

  • Holly W

    I’d love to try this with living here in FL the humidity kills my hair.