Are you looking for something fun to do on a low key date night, girls night or simply a weekend activity in the Bronx to relax your mind? You should try Paint And Sip on Friday and Saturday nights at Finer Studio. These BYOB classes take place in intimate setting guided by a fine arts trained instructor.  You don’t need previous art experience to join -AT ALL-  trust me, I’m artistically challenged.
I remember that up until about a year ago before we got married, my husband and I would search for things to do in a Saturday night but more often than not just ended up just catching a movie at Ridgehill Mall. That’s because we wanted to do something that didn’t involved loud music, dressing up or spending a lot of money on “ok” food and the key thing was that it had to be fairly close to us in the Bronx and not in Manhattan. We then just settled for netflix and chill but we enjoyed this so much that we want to try it out at least once every couple of months.
Here’s a video the studio owner caught of my husband and I in action: 

This was our first Paint the Night experience and it proved to be an inexpensive way to have fun, where we were able to create something beautiful together with my husband.  Here’s our masterpiece: 

But this activity could be enjoyed with anyone, not just a significant other. I will even consider getting a group together in the future.  These ladies were having a blast on their ladies night, proof that this is for everyone not just for couples: 
FinerStudio is mainly a yoga studio, offering vinyasa, kids and prenatal yoga as well as zumba classes, and it doubles as an social artworking studio on the weekends.
FinerStudio is easy to get to by car  if you live in Inwood, Washington Heights, Riverdale, Bronx’s Little Italy (Belmont), the New York Botanic Gardens/ Zoo area (Pelham), Yonkers and parts of Weschester – to name a few of the well known neighborhoods that are located within a 15-30 minutes drive.  
Drop me a note to let me know if you decide to try it and let me know about your experience.