I created the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge  inspired by the book Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life, where the best-seller author Gail Blanke challenges us to let go in order to grow and move forward.

The book encourages us to go let go of the negative talk, old mindsets, old way of doing things,  fears, emotional baggage, but most importantly to take the first step by throwing out 50 physical things in our homes that we don’t really need.

We often hold on to objects and things that we don’t need for fear of letting go. Those things become clutter and that clutter gets us to stuck physically and mentally. This challenge is about detaching and gaining clarity in our lives.

Did you know that people burn 55 minutes a day looking for things? (source)

I invite you to join this challenge and start the New Year with a clean home and a clear mind.

Throw Out fifty Things Challenge - Gail Blanke  -  book

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The Rules:

  1. Get Rid 50 Physical Things in Your Home
  • Items can be anything from any room in your house
  • Similar items count as 1 (stacks of magazine, old credit card statements, workout clothes, etc.)
  1. Take a picture of the things you are getting rid of and post it on your instagram or twitter and tag #ThrowOut50Things.  You can also post your image/ image link on the comments below or on this ThrowOut50Things Challenge Facebook event.  If you choose to blog about it, please link us to your blog using the tool below.
  1. Recycle, donate, sell or trash your items.

Deadline: January 31st or within 30 days of reading this blog post

I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear about your experience.

Xo, Leslie