I was nominated by High Heels and Grits for a Liebster Award and now is my turn to pass it on.

Liebster award (1)

And my Liebster Blog Award nominees are:

1. A Makeup Blogger
SharlenesMua,  this beauty is definitely one to watch for makeup tips.  Her makeup is gorgeous and her blog is easy on the eyes.

SharlenesMua - Copy SharlenesMuablog

2. A Fashion Blogger
MashElle, because it is only a matter of seconds before this beauty blows up.  Her style is very feminine, practical and accessible.

Mash elle 2 Mash Elle

 3. A Lifestyle – Local NYC Blogger (and Japan)
Urban Inspirations NYC, because an urban eclectic Latina will take you for a ride and open up your mind.
Urban Inspiration NYC

Urban Inspiration NYC blog

4. A Humorous Blog 
New York Cliche, because a funny blonde is a double edge sword.  You have to love a woman (or man) with a sense of humor.

New York Cliche blog New York Cliche blog 2

5. A Male Blogger
In Haute Pursuit because this guy will keep me up to date with top-notch, best of best male grooming products for my fiance.

in haute pursuit

in haute pursuit 2

6.  A Beautiful Blog
Netherleigh, because sometimes you just want to escape the clutter, stop thinking and look at beautiful pictures.



7. The Traveler
The Wanderlust Entries, because who doesn’t want to see the world through a pretty blog.



  1.  The Pastry Chef
    Alison Olivia, because life can never be too sweet.  Recipes, pretty please.



9.  The Jesus Lover 
Briony SkerJance, because I need me some Jesus lover with a pretty blog in my life.

Briony Briony2

10.  The Poet
Clever Carousel Co, because wise words can change and inspire the mind.

Clever Carousel Clever Carousel 3

11.  FoodPorn Photo Blog
NYC Best Eats, OK so I cheat a bit here but this new Instagram photo blog is an amazing resource to finding good NYC restaurants and food.  They don’t yet have a website but I would imagine they will soon.  I find this one very useful and the pictures are delish.

NYC Best Eats


I select YOU for a Liebster Award because it is obvious that you have taken the time to create and share something beautiful, useful and inspirational.

Now you must pass it on by following these rules:


11 Questions for you:

  1. What inspired you to blog?
  2. What are the top 5 bloggers you follow?
  3. What is your favorite place?  (that you have been to)
  4. Where will you travel to next?
  5. Something not many people know about you.
  6. Your last meal or restaurant on earth.
  7. When was the last time you tried something new?
  8. What/who makes you smile?
  9. Can you describe your life in a six-word sentence?
  10. What is your greatest fear?
  11. What is your number one goal in the next six months?

You can read about my nomination here

And my 11 randoms facts + answers to High Heels and Grits questions here

I can’t wait to read your entries!