Two weeks ago I challenged all of you to throw away 50 things and start the New Year with a clean home and a clear mind.  Well my friends, I’m happy to say that on my end this CHALLENGE HAS BEEN COMPLETED!!!

You can still join here.

I must have entered the challenge with the right mindset, because I’m the type to get emotional about letting go of things anything but it only took me two days to find 50 items that no longer had a place in my life.

So do I feel relieved?  heck yeah! and oddly enough I want to keep going.  I actually want to get rid of almost every piece of clothing I own and start fresh.  I think my life will be a lot less complicated if I had the right amount of clothes I love in my closet rather than a closet full of nothing to wear.  But that’s a challenge for another season.

Take a look at the 50 things that I have donated, recycled or trashed and get some ideas to get your done:

Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed - beauty products

1. Empties of products I love and want to buy again: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Anti-Aging Moisturizer, Sula NYC Fruit of Desire Body Oil and Premae Skincare (old packaging)  2.  Natural products that were ok but I no longer need: Uncle Harry’s Ayurvedic Shampoo and Mis Alas by Lisa Marie 3. Julep nail colors I don’t use 4. Love spell booklet I got from someone (I swear I never opened it, lol5.  Natural Impostors (they have harmful ingredients, sad face) 6. Drugstore beauty products with garbage ingredients 7. Drugstore lipsticks with toxic ingredients 8.  Beauty samples I don’t need

Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed - accessories9.  Vince Camuto Leopard Print Fancy Flats (similar ones here) 10.  Fashion Jewelry  I don’t really wear 11.  Earrings with missing pair (I always loose one) 12. Broken Earrings 13. Belts I don’t wear/ Out of style 14. This cute owl wool hat 15. ASOS Channel-inspired purse  

Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed - tech stuff16. Cell phone cases 17. iPhone charger 18. USB cord? 19. MacBook remote 20. Universal battery charger 21. pinter ink? 22. Display protector (weird,never owned a samsung glyde) 23. (dead?) Batteries.Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed more random stuff24.  3 years old planner (::covers face::) 25. Chalk 26. Membership cards and old hotel keys 27. Checkbook cover 28. oops, just noticed i cheated – same as 20 – 29. Broken glasses (love my new ones) 30. Keys that open I don’t know what 31. Car keys cover

Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed - random stuff

32. NYE party hats 33. Eyelash curler 34. Sparkly skirt 35. Waist cincher (ouch!!!) 36. Sports bras that are too small 37. Too small/too old lingerie 38.  ::blush:: never used  gift received at yelp elite event that took place here 39.  Alcohol – it either taste bad or it was empty – the widow jane bourbon wapsie valley whiskey was great  (Antonio didn’t cure the mamajuana correctly and it was gross)

Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed - dresses Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed

40. Shinny dress never worn 41. Sparkly dress worn once

Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed - things

42. Little black dress 43.  Empty L’oreal Elnett Satin hairspray

Throw Away 50 Things Challenge completed - shoes

44. Red shoes from forever21 45-48 A bag full of dress and quite a few with the tag on  49. Christmas cards (I took a picture of the message for memory sake) and finally 50. Summer sandals

Phew! that was exhausting but the weight has been lifted.  Hopefully I have inspired to get your clean-up done.

Where are you with your Throw Out 50 Things journey?

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Xo, Leslie