“No one can tell your story so tell it yourself.  No one can write your story so write it yourself.”


I came across this meme about writing and I think it’s the perfect introduction to this blog.  We all have a story to tell and experiences to share and what better way to do that than by keeping a journal.  Some journals are meant to be reserved for family and kept private but some are meant to be shared with the world for everyone to use.

This blog is my public journal and it was born out of desire to put my thoughts on paper, be useful and help others by sharing my experiences (you can read more about me here).

I will be blogging about:

  • Natural (mostly natural) beauty products reviews –This will include makeup, skin care, hair, perfumes, etc.  For the past 2 years I’ve switch to natural and organic products where ever possible but occasionally use products that deliver performance regardless of ingredients.
  • Food recipes, food products and restaurant reviews and food events –The recipes will mostly be curated from the internet with a few of my own, focused on easy to make, healthy/somewhat healthy and flavorful meals.  I will post restaurant reviews and invitations to local food events in NYC.
  • Travel/Vacations – I love to travel and hope to do a lot of that in the next couple of years.  I will be posting curated lists of things to do as well as providing personal reviews.
  • Local/NYC – Activities, restaurants and everyday interesting things related to NYC.
  • My wedding planning – I’m engaged!!! the love of my life proposed exactly a week ago on a cruise so I will definitely post interesting wedding related findings.
  • Deals, Promotions & Events – I will post these occasionally.
Im engaged!
I sent this picture to my closest friends to let them know I’m engaged.

This blog is a work in progress so the titles and topics may change over time, please be patient and feel free to email me at anytime.

Thanks for sticking around! :)


Lucky Les