I created the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge  inspired by the book Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life, where the best-seller author Gail Blanke challenges us to let go in order to grow and move forward.

The book encourages us to go let go of the negative talk, old mindsets, old way of doing things,  fears, emotional baggage, but most importantly to take the first step by throwing out 50 physical things in our homes that we don’t really need.

We often hold on to objects and things that we don’t need for fear of letting go. Those things become clutter and that clutter gets us to stuck physically and mentally. This challenge is about detaching and gaining clarity in our lives.

Did you know that people burn 55 minutes a day looking for things? (source)

I invite you to join this challenge and start the New Year with a clean home and a clear mind.

Throw Out fifty Things Challenge - Gail Blanke  -  book

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The Rules:

  1. Get Rid 50 Physical Things in Your Home
  • Items can be anything from any room in your house
  • Similar items count as 1 (stacks of magazine, old credit card statements, workout clothes, etc.)
  1. Take a picture of the things you are getting rid of and post it on your instagram or twitter and tag #ThrowOut50Things.  You can also post your image/ image link on the comments below or on this ThrowOut50Things Challenge Facebook event.  If you choose to blog about it, please link us to your blog using the tool below.
  1. Recycle, donate, sell or trash your items.

Deadline: January 31st or within 30 days of reading this blog post

I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear about your experience.

Xo, Leslie

Need help to get started?

Things you should throw out:

  • Clothes, Accessories, Shoes – broken, haven’t worn in a long time
  • Makeup – expired, empties, no longer use
  • Expired Medicine
  • Old Paper/Notebooks/ Magazines Receipts
  • Memorabilia – gifts, postcards, greetings cards

Here are a couple of tips from the book to help you with mental exercise of parting with your things:

  1. If it—the thing—weighs you down, clogs you up, or just plain makes you feel bad about yourself, throw it out, give it away, sell it, let it go, move on.
  1. If it just sits there, taking up room and contributing nothing positive to your life, throw it out, give it away, sell it, let it go, move on. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Throwing out what’s negative helps you rediscover what’s positive.
  1. Don’t make the decision—whether to toss or keep it—a hard one. If you have to weigh the pros and cons for too long or agonize about the right thing to do, throw it out.
  1. Don’t be afraid. This is your life we’re talking about. The only one you’ve got for sure. You don’t have the time, energy or room for physical or psychic waste.

If you need more help, you can use this workbook pdf | doc.

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  • Jennifer

    I really, really, REALLY need to do this. I’m dangerously close to becoming a hoarder… O_O

    • Jennifer – my fiance says that same about me but I’ve gotten so much better. Honestly, ever since I started donated clothes last year it has become easier to do away without the things I don’t really wear anyway. I hope you take the challenge. I thought it would be difficult to find 50 things but it wasn’t at all. I will posing them soon.

  • I’ve started putting and giving away stuff just yesterday, but there are still a lot! Thanks for the invite. Count me in :)

    • That’s great, can’t wait to see what you’re donating, recycling, selling or tossing.

  • I love this challenge! Me and my fiancee recently just moved and we did a total ‘cleansing’ of our belongings, and it felt so good!

  • Hmm I like this idea! I may just have to try it sometime this weekend. My husband and I don’t have much stuff, as twice a year we pack everything into one suitcase and move- but I’m sure there is some stuff that has accumulated!

  • Robin Rue

    I did this before Christmas. I usually go thru my kids rooms to make room for all the new stuff they get.

  • This is a great idea! Such a fun idea to get everyone involved. I definitely need to do this… ahaha

  • I need to do this. I purge and donate a lot but there still seems to be TOO MUCH STUFF.

  • Fiona Naughton

    This is such a great idea. I’ve been really feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in my house lately so I’ll definitely be doing this!

  • Now that I’m recovering from flu/bronchitis/pneumonia, I’m ready to start my year off with less clutter. I want to do this challenge. I’m hoping by the end of next week I’m back to my old self and will be able to start #ThrowOut50Things challenge. I’m sure I have 50 beauty products alone, that have expired, that I could throw out and that’s just one area of my home, lol. I’m going through everything!

  • Sara-Jayne Jones

    This is brilliant! I agonise over throwing things away. I think I need to give this a go!!

  • Nicole E.

    I really need to do this too. I have too much junk. Maybe I’ll give it a try! The thing is, I worry that I’ll need something five minutes after I throw it out. I’m not a hoarder, I swear. It just takes me longer to let go.

  • I do this all the time about 4-6 times a year. I’m always donating and getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore.

  • mail4rosey

    Getting rid of negative old mindsets sounds good to me! I think it’s a great idea.

  • Stacy Bolton

    I love this post and I think I may just print this out and leave it on my husbands pillow… do you think he would know it was me that left it?

  • Manu Kalia

    This is a best way to start 2015. Giving back to others and getting yourself ready for success.

  • Too bad I didn’t see this a couple of weeks ago. I tossed out a ton of stuff. However, I could still join this challenge and complete it easily. I just don’t have the time to do so.

  • Lynn Dee

    What a great challenge! We were supposed to donate before the year ends but totally forgot about it. It had been so hectic around here. Hope we get to do it this month.

  • courtney

    Ahhh this sounds like a pretty interesting challenge!!! I know I could totally use such a challenge right now!!! So much stuff everywhere!!! Lol

  • Danielle Wilson

    We make sure to get rid of stuff by donating at the end of every year. We donated brand new unused toys and clothes we hadn’t worn in ages to a homeless shelter and I threw out tons of magazines.

  • Chrissy Mazzocchi

    These are great! I am such a pack rat and need some motivation like this! :)

  • This is a nice challenge because it encourages you to throw (or share) some of the things you don’t use anymore and minimize clutter inside the house.

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